Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Where do you stand? 

I don't know if I can recommend highly enough the documentary At the River I Stand which chronicles the sanitation workers' strike that brought Dr. King to Memphis.

OK. I'm perplexed. In this day and age of inexpensive reproduction, why does a documentary this good about a period so momentous see such limited availablility? The good kids at Netflix don't seem to have a copy. And the St. Louis Public Library only has the VHS available for limited circulation in public viewings. Of course, they do have the book of the same name.

Is the dvd available in your library?

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Cup O' Joe 

Tim wants everyone to know that Kuva Coffee Company now offers recurring delivery. Beware - Kuva's effects have not been studied: I drink the stuff daily and can't begin to say what it's doing to me...

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A road not travelled... 

From time to time something triggers a thought of how different (neither better, nor worse) life might have been had I walked through this open door in 1992. Dan W are you out there? What ever became of our CS224 implementation of the Turing reaction-diffusion algorithm? I'd like to play with it again and see what patterns we can make in 3D. Once I dreamt in code; no more.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

More Riverfront Happenings... 

Down South

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Sarah turned me on to this one.
Thanks Sarah!

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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Old Time Religion 

Slowly I'll rediscover the magic of the summer and share some of it here.
Africa Matimbo at Millenium Park:

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A good stretch of livin 

How do I embed this flickr set of my kayak building at North House Folk School as a slideshow?
Technology evades me once again.

Thanks to Michael, this is how you do it.
Someday I'll do again the things I've done before.

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An essential question... 

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Down By The Riverside 

Related to Donna's comments re: the Riverfront trail, recent conversations about the progress and potential of the celebration of the Confluence, the goodthings brewing at Great Rivers and Trailnet, the differences between downtown STL and Memphis in our approaches to living on the river, etcetera etcetera etcetera is this issue of PPS.

Time to wake up.
(Thank goodness for folks like this who are getting us there.)

If we are to be a great city....
If we are to be a great nation...
If we are to be a great people...
If we are to be a great world...
If we are to be.

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Bug Fix #2 

I put these up here hoping that someone (I at a future date?) will recognize the answer in my question and wire me up:

My good friend lj asked me why an rss feed isn't readily available.
My reply:

Pain in the *censored* is why it doesn't offer a feed.
johnnyc.net is actually a pointer to http://johnnycnet.blogspot.com/
Use that url and you'll be offered a feed.

You, my friend, are missing nothing. That's what I like about you.

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Particularly Apropos:

Come on down to the confluence folks.

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Nice comment! 

[Bugfix: Posting this comment with embedded imagery to the original entry didn't work even though I own the blog.]

Alrighty Michael!

(Why haven't we been running into one another more often?)

Those deserve embeddedness:

Where is the footage of Sister Rosetta playing with Woodie?
Did it happen? Will it tonight?

Gospel is as gospel does.

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Soul'd In 

In memphis Thursday at Stax, bought some DVDs:


Soul To Soul, Ghana 1971:

Otis Redding: Remebering Otis

Ray Charles Live in Brazil: 1963.
(Rhino link on this one: Don't find an IMDB entry. Who is running the show over there? Pass the word...)

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Course, nothing beats the classics. I've dreamt since high school of the day when one might watch whatever one wants to watch, hear what one wants to hear, be etc..:

We're getting close. St. Louie Blues:

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Freedom: YouTube 

Gotta admit. I'm behind on the creative force that is YouTube. Others are well ahead of me in the freeformsearching necessary to find the goodstuff. But this artistic endeavor is accomplished:

Seen something I might like? Funnel your bests to me in the form of comments.

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Mister Smith 

My main man in the MO Senate [he won that race kids], Jeff Smith, is the topic of an incredible locally produced documentary now showing on PBS stations everywhere.

(If Independent Lens isn't showing on your PBS station or internet feed or on the air all the time, question the freedom of media in your area. Respond in kind with anything you know about that might not be playing here in the Lou, please).

My good friends Mitch and Donna saw the movie while they were crashing at my pad while I was overseas this summer. I've tried to find their blog post about it, but am only coming up with this blurb from an email: "Movie at the fancy theater across the street from Riddles. (saw the documentary about Jeff Smith. Now we know all about him and understand why his sign is in your front yard)."

If you care about STL and visitors' perceptions (or not) I highly recommend Donna's honest assessment of the Riverfront Trail (the mighty mississippi is OUR national treasure folks... See what we've done? Racism meets ecological disaster meets profiteering meets... makes my blood boil.)

'Nuf Rambling for now.

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Nothing but nets 

You may know (if you've been looking below, you do) that I spent the summer of 2006 in Senegal, West Africa. As I read this article I think of the many incredible people I met there and wonder at their and their children's future health prospects. Check out this organization, based here in St. Louis, and see if you might have it in your heart to fund some nets for our friends in Senegal.


PS. For those of you in scurrying distance, the benefit concert on Sunday March 4 from 3-10pm for NetLife is in my neighborhood at the inimitable Joe's Cafe. Base yourself out of my casa. Play with my doggie. Come early. Stay forever. With that lineup the show is just getting started.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Mixing it up... 

Teaching a Civil Rights course in an experiential education school with an adventuresome co-teacher and an energized group of students has been a real pleasure this winter. The latest gem (of many - and I'll tell about others some day) was a visit to and with the fine folks at De La Salle Middle School in the Ville. Below are a few lingering pieces of wall art:




I was inspired by the first to sign the Birmingham Pledge. Did anyone else know this was out there?

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Does this work? 

Just testing an embedded YouTube movie...
This is video from Africa Matimbo, summer 2006:

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