Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mister Smith 

My main man in the MO Senate [he won that race kids], Jeff Smith, is the topic of an incredible locally produced documentary now showing on PBS stations everywhere.

(If Independent Lens isn't showing on your PBS station or internet feed or on the air all the time, question the freedom of media in your area. Respond in kind with anything you know about that might not be playing here in the Lou, please).

My good friends Mitch and Donna saw the movie while they were crashing at my pad while I was overseas this summer. I've tried to find their blog post about it, but am only coming up with this blurb from an email: "Movie at the fancy theater across the street from Riddles. (saw the documentary about Jeff Smith. Now we know all about him and understand why his sign is in your front yard)."

If you care about STL and visitors' perceptions (or not) I highly recommend Donna's honest assessment of the Riverfront Trail (the mighty mississippi is OUR national treasure folks... See what we've done? Racism meets ecological disaster meets profiteering meets... makes my blood boil.)

'Nuf Rambling for now.

Hey JohnnyC,

Showing up on my radar thanks to google alerts for our blog. The Jeff Smith Documentary was great, and will try to catch it again this Tuesday when our local PBS airs it. It was great to walk out of the theater and explain to the Jeff Smith followers that our home in Austin, TX was a little outside of his district so we couldn't really promise to vote him.
Thanks for the note Mitchell Wayne. I hope I keep bleeping on your radar. The stronger the signal, the greater chance I'll be able to get/give a hug.
I loved the pic of you on your dad's shoulders... Coulda sworn that was your wee one on your shoulders.
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