Saturday, December 29, 2007

Livin' History... 

In the spring I co-teach, with my partner Judy, a course called Live-In in which students create documentaries about and in the histroic town of Ste. Genevieve, MO. This year we're expanding the course from a trimester to a semester. Along with the expansion comes an opportunity to build more historic context around our students' understanding of the French colonial and early American history of Ste. Gen. Towards that end I've been putting together a map of various sites we may study/visit in the St. Louis area.

While the map is still in its early stages I'm looking for feedback, additions, criticisms, etc. One change already in mind is improved/contextual icons as replacements for the standard Google map markers.

In addition to the map, I've been collecting links that deal with the history of St. Louis and the surrounding area on my delicious site. There is more information there that should be integrated into the map.

What else?
Where would you go..? What would you read, watch?, do?...to broaden and depen understanding of our history?

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