Saturday, March 24, 2007

Spring Break 

has arrived. I have no firm plans. As I listen to a friend's music thoughts run through my mind:

Hike chautauqua.
kayak the confluence.
the west end. with luna.
amongst friends.
and strangers.
drink air.
swim in the wind.
forget worries.

write letters.
dance rhythms.


with possibility
and humidity.

Might end up at Lemp tonight to catch the always odd Prince Myshkins.
And/or at Yemanja Brasil for the Samba Bom benefit for Radio Rio.
Want to join me for that (or something else)?
Drop me a line.

Hey, JC--Thanks for that comment on my story about Lady A. It meant a lot to me to know you'd read it.

I would love to do any of these things with you. And the idea of dripping with humidity seems very probable there in St. Louis...
I wish that I had seen this before. I haven't seen the Prince Myshkins in five years! I had no idea that they were back in town. Although I have differences with the LNAC, I would definitely consider going back to see an act that original.
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