Saturday, August 05, 2006

Mea culpa 

So that experiment just didn't work.

What, really, were the chances that I'd post frequent meaningful ditties to this blog while travelling in Africa?

Slim, folks, slim. But not none, I suppose.

Not that there's not a bit that I've been thinking about to write. The kindness of the people of Senegal, issues of transportation and sanitation, community and the line between self and other, music music music, arts and artists, third places, parrallels twixt there and here (which?), language and not having it: These all seem like topics I'll get back to at some point.

But it didn't happen while wandering. Maybe from the comfort of home. With pics and sound and movies sorted. After wrestling the transition back to USA and all its trappings.

Sorry to have lead you on.

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